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In order to hasten the search for services, organizations provide a list intended for older people and persons with disabilities. The list contains services and program funded and provided by both state and private partnership.

Indicated in the list is on where to avail adult day services especially when planning to join some activities and get the needed assistance as well. Adult foster care is also included in the services offered which is comprised with housing option for those who are in need of it. Such care would provide the necessary supervision to those who can no longer be retained in their own homes.

Protective services were also tackled by several sectors wherein the members are held responsible for responding to cases of unsuspected abuse, exploitation and neglect of senior citizens and those with physical disabilities.

Specific programs were also available for specific conditions such as Alzheimer’s Day program whose focus are on the victims of Alzheimer’s disease. Support needed for those with the said condition were provided including medical, recreational as well as personal care services.

In addition, a program called Alzheimer’s respite was also established. The program is intended to provide assistance to caregivers so that they can function more productively along their course of responsibility. Another program available is the assisted living program wherein the highlight is on the need for the provision of a residential option that will include personal services and light medical or nursing care. Other function, which is the Assistive devices, includes all agencies that are selling equipment and has the capacity to provide assistance to individuals who need them including shower or bath chair, ramp, stair glides and m any other tools.

The aim is to provide information on how people with disability and senior citizens can avail personal care as well as support services that would enable them to perform their functions inside their respective home, with their family as well as in the community in general.