Demographic Information

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The demographic information is valuable information that the government can use in order to determine the shift that will occur in the older population generation and according to its released information. The older population is within the age bracket of persons 65 years old and in the year of 2010 in the U.S alone they already have a number of 40.4 million.

In the same year it was found out that there are already 23 million older women and 17.5 older men and the female to male sex ration will increase with age. Over the years the number of older people is increasing and this will help dictate the kind of services that the government and private sectors should be offering.

Demographic information is vital in determining the laws, provision of facilities, determining the average life expectancy of individuals and how this will change the world in the upcoming years.

The population projection includes the age breakdowns for the 60, overpopulation including the age totals for those who are aged 60 and up, and percent change for each change group over a specific year.

By the year 2030, projected statistics of the United States demographics would be 72.1 million elderly persons, which is more than twice the number that has been recorded in the year 2000. This included the profile of older Americans, census date, population estimates, as well as the projected future growth of the older population, minority aging information, and the key-indicators of well-being.

Also included in the demographics are the living arrangements, marital status, geographic distribution, income, poverty, employment, housing, racial and ethnic composition, education as well as the analysis of the health insurance coverage they are being given as well as the disability and activity limitations and other factors that would provide further information regarding the Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities demographic information.

In order to manage the resources and provide help to different sectors, the aforementioned information should be gathered and reviewed as it is essential for decision makings in a locality.