Wellness Activities

© WONG SZE FEI - Fotolia.com

© WONG SZE FEI – Fotolia.com

Organizations concerned in serving the aged as well as adults with physical disabilities try to come up with wellness activities helps ensure that the incorporated activities and hobbies will not merely focus on helping the clients but would also foster a fun environment.

Activities to be implemented may be based on the interest of your client. In this manner, there is a higher probability of soliciting cooperation from your client. Activities such as cooking and baking can be applied especially if it is in line with both of your interests. It may be essential for you to facilitate in identifying, discovering, and trying out new recipes, taking into consideration its nutritional content which the elderly or physically disabled client needs. You might also want to conduct a mini lecture on the proper interpretation of nutritional labels and later incorporate what has been learned into your recipes.

Another activity that can be conducted is socialization. You may want to set up a scene with some roles to be portrayed by the client, or coming up with a real arrangement such as setting up a carpool for the elderly and the physically disabled to watch a movie, head out to get lunch, forming a breakfast club (especially for those who get up early) and having yourselves potluck dinners on a weekly basis.

Inclusion of exercise is also necessary for the elderly and physically disabled clients to stay in shape. Consider and review different exercises and choose the one that best fits them. You may want to consider aerobics and yoga, and in cases where they aerobics, you can look for some activities that can be done even in a sitting position.

It is also recommended to conduct activities that could sharpen p their minds. Such activities include crossword puzzles, trivia games, or even allow them to watch television quiz shows, or maybe give them the opportunity to learn another language.

Whatever activities are introduced to them, it is recommended to ensure its suitability to the condition of the client, given that each client is unique and has his own individual needs.