Volunteer Opportunities

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© maxcarphoto – Fotolia.com

Various organizations, whose concern is to serve the aged as well as adults with physical disabilities, provide volunteer opportunities as a part of the program that aims to encourage citizens to provide assistance and help to the community.

Certain model programs like the Foster Grandparent program has been established by the government to encourage the youth to incorporate a large part of compassion when taking care of the aged and those people with physical disabilities. It also aims to volunteers on how to become more efficient and establish rapport upon caring for the elderly.

Training and pre-service orientation are given to those aspiring volunteers. Those who are under this volunteer program would be able to serve up to 40 hours per week and would qualify for a tax-free hourly stipend. Included in the volunteer program benefits are paid holidays, vacation as well as sick leave, travel allowance, monthly in-service training, day care centers, head start programs, schools, medical facilities, and youth and family service centers in which they can serve in.

It is the goal of these organizations to train them in helping grandparents remain mentally active and physically strong which could later contribute in enhancing their self-esteem upon interaction with the community.

Other services would include a series of advocacy services that will include legal services, medicare patrol program and other health and social services including those that will include adult protective services program counseling.

Organizations offering these volunteer opportunities provides its volunteer programs with a wide array of services such as: adult day services; creation of a guide on how people can get assistive devices for their condition as well as serving of congregate meals; nursing home transition program; respite information and referral; inclusion of profit and non-profit organizations as well as those that are related to environment; family issues; financial assistance; food and clothing; health and medical care as well as housing and legal services.

Other volunteer programs fixed its focus on helping people with disability and teaching senior citizens learn on how to keep track of financial matters, thus training them on checkbook balancing and bill paying so as to help them keep their life in order.